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Fostering Growth: Helping Companies de-risk and reach their next level

Navigating the business landscape can be challenging even for seasoned professionals, and emerging companies and entrepreneurs could use assistance. We are here to help. We have developed a broad spectrum of business programs and services that support new venture creation and emerging bioscience company growth.

BioEntrepreneur-in-Residence Program

Launched in 2013, the BioEntrepreneur-in-Residence (B-EIR) Program aims to engage entrepreneurs and launch new bioscience ventures in the Long Island region based upon commercially promising biomedical technologies emerging from Stony Brook University. Our B-EIRs will engage directly with inventors and our senior staff members to determine and outline critical technical milestones to add-value and mitigate the risk of early stage technology commercialization. Each B-EIR will select specific biomedical technologies to form the basis of one or more new companies, and will be required to develop detailed commercialization strategies, business plans and investor presentations. B-EIRs are ultimately expected to (a) negotiate and execute option and/or license agreements with the Office of Technology Licensing and Industry Relations (OTLIR), (b) seek and secure capital from both public and private sources, and (c) exit from the B-EIR program within one year to lead the start-up company which must be located in the Long Island region. View the current Center for Biotechnology BioEntrepreneurs-in-Residence here.

For more information about the BioEntrepreneur-in-Residence program, please contact Bill Hanes at william.hanes@stonybrook.edu or 621-632-2167.

BioStrategy Sessions

Held monthly, our BioStrategy Sessions allow corporate clients to deliver a presentation about their business, followed by an intense strategic discussion to address critical issues, highlight potential weaknesses and provide actionable guidance. BioStrategy Sessions simulate the experience of presenting to angel investors, venture capitalists and/or potential corporate partners to assist bioentrepreneurs to better appreciate the expectations of these audiences while providing useful business development and technology commercialization advice. BioStrategy sessions are steered by our core advisors.

Strategy Session Dates for 2018
  • February 2nd | Friday
  • March 2nd| Friday
  • April 6th | Friday
  • May 4th | Friday
  • June 1st | Friday
  • July 6th | Friday
  • September 7th | Friday
  • October 5th | Friday
  • November 2nd | Friday
  • December 7th | Friday

For more information about the Biostrategy Sessions, please contact William Hanes at william.hanes@stonybrook.edu or 621-632-1665. To view a PDF of BioStrategy Session objectives, click here.

Long Island Innovation Boot Camp/Pre-Seed Workshop

Each spring, we co-organize the annual Long Island Innovation Boot Camp/Pre-Seed Workshop to support entrepreneurial faculty interested in launching a company based on a technology they developed at Stony Brook University. The Innovation Boot Camp is an event which rallies community talent and resources to investigate and transform commercially promising technologies into pre-seed stage companies. Formally presented by Mark Wilson and Judy Albers, Ph.D., the Innovation Boot Camp occurs several times per year in host city locations throughout New York State. The Innovation Boot Camp primarily consists of the following eight idea analysis sessions:

  • The Technology: Do you have a proprietary product?
  • Technology to Market Map: To whom will you sell?
  • Market Need: Where is the pain?
  • Competition: Why will you win?
  • Business Model: How will you operate?
  • Revenue Potential: How big is this opportunity?
  • Management Team: You and what army?
  • Technology Status: What does the roadmap look like?

Participating teams are lead through these eight modules so that they can address key questions and generate a series of slides that constitute the foundation of a presentation that they deliver on the afternoon of the second day before a panel of community experts.

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Life Sciences Summit

Held annually in New York City, the Life Sciences Summit is a global partnering event focused on bringing academic innovators and emerging companies to potential strategic partners and investors. Learn more on the event’s website: www.lifesciencessummit.org