WHAT WE DO Workforce Development

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

The opportunities that exist within the life sciences to address some of the most devastating human diseases and conditions will require a highly educated, scientifically trained workforce. Our workforce development initiative involves several programs to enhance education and increase the effectiveness of the Industry’s current workforce.

Fundamentals of the Bioscience Industry Program

For more than ten years, the Center for Biotechnology’s cornerstone workforce development program has been providing graduate students, postdoctoral associates and early career professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the bioscience business environment. This unique training program, fully taught by industry professionals, provides participants with a topical, in-depth introduction to life science product development cycles, regulatory practices, financial models, managerial challenges, and corporate culture. In addition, participants have the opportunity to fully develop a commercialization plan around a real-world technology and gain a competitive advantage when pursuing career opportunities. Learn more through the program’s dedicated website.

Technology Commercialization Fellowship Program

This program was launched in 2009, and employs highly motivated, ambitious and entrepreneurial fellows for one-​three ​year Technology Commercialization Fellowships with the Center for Biotechnology. This position is primarily responsible for working with the Assistant Directors at the CFB​, and our Entrepreneurs in Residence​ to develop and implement ​entrepreneurial activities that involve ​strategic ​planning​, ​opportunity assessment, ​business development​, financing,​ and technology commercialization services ​associated with company formation​ throughout Long Island and New York State.

Fellows at the CFB deal with concepts pertaining to technology development, intellectual property and financial modeling, especially as they relate to the bioscience industry. Past candidates have had advanced legal, life science or business degrees and have brought their understanding of the private equity community as well as technology management and due diligence expertise to ​fulfill their entrepreneurial visions​.


Through the generous contributions of supporters, the CFB has been able to arrange for scholarships to support the educational goals of motivated, talented students studying in biomedical related science fields. We hope to continue to secure funding and be able to offer scholarship initiatives in order to further enhance the careers of tomorrow’s leaders.