DepYmed Announces $2 Million Series A

DepYMed Inc. has announced the completion of a Series ‘A’ Round of funding with TopSpin Fund, L.P. for a total of $2 million. At closing, $1 million was received by Depymed, and another $1 million will be provided pending the achievement of specific development milestones.

DepYmed, Inc., headed by a Center for Biotechnology BioEntrepreneur-in-Residence Andreas G. Grill, is a pharmaceutical company focused on phosphatase inhibition for multiple therapeutic applications. The company is currently conducting a phase 1 clinical trial of its lead compound, MSI-1436C (Trodusquemine), as a therapeutic candidate for HER2-positive breast cancer. DepYMed was founded through a joint venture between Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc. and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Read more about the financing here.

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Depymed Received $100k from Accelerate Long Island & LIETF

DepYmed, a joint venture of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and New York City-based biotech Ohr Pharmaceutical led by Andreas Grill, has received $100,000 from Accelerate Long Island and the Long Island Emerging Technologies Fund. Andreas Grill has served as a BioEntrepreneur-in-Residence for the center for Biotechnology and DepYmed is developing a new drug called Trodusquemine that it hopes will one day treat HER2-positive breast cancer, an aggressive form of the disease. Read more about the company and the investment from Accelerate and LIETF here.

CFB Selects Third BioEntrepreneur-In-Residence

The Center for Biotechnology at Stony Brook University has appointed Andreas Grill as the Center?s third BioEntrepreneur-In-Residence (B-EIR). Mr. Grill brings over twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to his appointment of B-EIR, having most recently served as the Executive Director of Forest Research Institute for Forest Laboratories, Inc.

Mr. Grill will conduct due diligence to identify a technology or technologies around which he may build a company. As part of the B-EIR program, Mr. Grill will have access to the Center?s business and technology development support staff. Mr. Grill?s diverse and extensive experience in both business and research and development provide him with a unique perspective and advantage when it comes to launching a therapeutic-focused start-up. Read the full press release here.