Celmatix unveils Fertilome

New York City based start-up Celmatix has unveiled “Fertilome”, a DNA-based fertility test. The company describes Fertilome as the “first genetic screen that examines a woman’s genetic signature and how it may impact her reproductive health and ability to conceive, today and in the future.”

Fertilome looks at 49 variants in 32 genes associated with a broad spectrum of female reproductive conditions. Information derived from the test could allow women to see a broader picture of their fertility, allowing for a more proactive approach to planning their family and overcoming fertility issues. Click here to read more about Celmatix and Fertilome.

Celmatix to Partner with 23andMe

Celmatix has announced a collaboration with 23andMe, the leading personal genetics company, with the goal of improving infertility outcomes. This collaboration will accelerate the launch of Celmatix’s tests, which will aim to provide physicians with a comprehensive genetic lens on infertility. This will also enable the development of early screening tests which will help OBGYNs identify women who are at risk for premature decline of their ovarian function, which has both infertility and broader health implications. Read the announcement here.