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Symbiotic Health Wins Best in Show at 1st Pitch Competition

Symbiotic Health, Inc, a New York City based company and Center for Biotechnology client, was named “Best in Show” at the first of MABA’s 1st Pitch Life Science events in 2015, Symbiotic Health has developed a capsule to help kill Clostridium difficile (Cdiff) infection which causes severe, debilitating diarrhea, is the most frequent hospital-acquired infection in the US and an immediate public health threat that requires urgent and immediate action (CDC). The company’s pipeline includes a capsule microbiome therapeutic designed to cure Cdiff by restoring a community of protective bacteria.

Dr. Gerard Honig, CEO of Symbiotic Health, presented on behalf of the company. Stephen M. Goodman, Co-founder of Mid Atlantic Bio Angels and a partner at Pryor Cashman LLP in New York City, also a panelist at the event said Dr. Honig’s pitch and responses to questions demonstrated both mastery of the competitive space and a willingness to address challenges to his analysis calmly and directly. His style, as well as his substance, exemplified the maxim that it’s not just the business plan but the management that ultimately brings a company success. Read more about the company and the competition here.

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