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Long Island Bioscience Hub is seeking experienced BioEntrepreneurs-in Residence

The Long Island Bioscience Hub (LIBH) is seeking experienced BioEntrepreneurs-in Residence (BEIRs) to launch new bioscience ventures in the Long Island, New York region. Company formation will be based upon commercially promising biomedical technologies emerging from Stony Brook University (SBU), Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

To help facilitate this process, the LIBH will provide:

  • modest retainer/milestone payments to BEIRs for a predetermined period of time
  • access to technology development funding on a competitive basis
  • senior staff support to assist with commercialization strategies
  • office space
  • access to experienced industry advisors
  • introductions to investors and professional services

BEIRs will also have access to the resources of the LIBH including: faculty expertise, core research and engineering facilities, libraries, business incubators, the 245-acre Research Park, and a suite of end-to-end economic development programs. BEIRs will be responsible for evaluation of biomedical technologies available for license from LIBH partner institutions. BEIRs will ultimately select specific technologies to form the basis of a company, and will be required to develop detailed commercialization strategies, business plans and investor presentations. BEIRs will negotiate and execute option and/or license agreements with LIBH partner institutions as may be appropriate, secure capital from both public and private sources, and exit the BEIR program to lead the Long Island- based company as CEO. BEIRs will also provide guidance to entrepreneurial faculty members and participate in technology reviews and other meetings as deemed appropriate.

The most compelling BEIR candidate(s) will possess domain expertise and technical proficiency in the life sciences or engineering, as well as business acumen and industry experience, particularly in early stage technology commercialization, new venture creation, and fundraising. Advanced degree in life sciences, engineering, business and/or law are preferred. Terms of engagement dependent upon individual circumstances. BEIRs will report to the Center for Biotechnology Advisory Board.

Interested parties should contact to Eleanor Allen, with a statement of interest and resume. Inquiries will be considered on a rolling basis until appropriate candidates are identified.

The LIBH, was established by the Center for Biotechnology (CFB), a New York State Center for Advanced Technology, in collaboration with Stony Brook University, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and Brookhaven National Laboratory, and with additional support provided by the National Institutes of Health REACH initiative (Research Evaluation And Commercialization Hub), Research Foundation for SUNY, and Empire State Development. The LIBH will foster the development of therapeutics, preventatives, diagnostics, devices and research tools emerging from LIBH partner institutions that address diseases within the NIH’s mission.

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