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The Story of XIAFLEX®
Read the Story of XIAFLEX®

Commercializing scientific discoveries is a lot more complicated than getting science right. It takes many years and millions of dollars to develop a technology (invention) into an actual product that patients can use. Many times, in the early stages of development, there are critical points where if an idea doesn’t garner the right support, it will never make it to the next stage of development. This is where the Center for Biotechnology shines.

We have been involved in over 396 early stage research projects since our establishment and in that time, more than a dozen technologies have become commercially available products. Along with technologies that accelerate fracture healing or can detect single metastatic cancer cells in human blood, the Center has influenced the successful development of commercial products such as Xiaflex™, ReoPro™, Periostat®, Cavistat®, V3D Colon Virtual Colonoscopy, Exogen™ Bone Healing System, Two-Hybrid Technology, among others.

The stories on the following page illustrate significant advances in biomedicine that may never have come into existence had the Center for Biotechnology not been involved in the earliest stages.

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