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Funding Opportunity: SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund Accepting Proposals

The proposal submission deadline for the SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund Class of 2018 is February 16, 2018.

Faculty, staff, and students from all disciplines and campuses are encouraged to submit proposals for the SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund Class of 2018 funding. The deadline for submitting proposals is February 16, 2018. See TAF Class of 2018 Application and Administrative Guidelines.

The SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund (“TAF”) provides funding to support the advancement of SUNY innovations from the lab to the marketplace. Since its launch in 2011, the TAF has successfully advanced the commercial readiness of a number of SUNY-developed innovations. In most cases, SUNY innovations developed through sponsored research lack critical proof-of-concept data that is needed to attract investment by potential licensees or investors. TAF support targets the critical milestones needed to demonstrate that an innovation is worthy of external investment. TAF’s strategic objective is to facilitate the commercialization of SUNY-developed innovations for the public benefit in an expeditious and effective manner. The aim is to identify opportunities where small investments will provide significant impacts on making SUNY innovations available to the public. Different from fundamental research, TAF investments support proof-of-concept and technology development projects to validate the commercial feasibility of SUNY technology. The goal is to facilitate the translation of SUNY technology into marketable products and/or services by enhancing strategic academic-industry partnerships and building new entrepreneurial

Please be advised that all proposals require the review and participation of your campus administration prior to submission. To be certain that you adhere to any local proposal submission deadlines, we urge you to immediately contact your technology transfer office and/or office of sponsored programs if you are interested in applying for TAF Class of 2018 funding.

Questions? Please send any questions to All questions and answers will be posted to

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